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Midtown Laser Dentist

Where can I find a laser dentist in Midtown?

Since it was first introduced to dentistry, laser technology has revolutionized the field, improving the quality of care in a number of procedures. At SmileNY, your Midtown laser dentist, we maintain a position at the forefront of advances in dental care to provide the most gentle and precise treatment to our patients. Beyond offering the most effective treatment methods, we strive to customize care to suit your individual needs, keeping you at ease each time you come in for a visit.

Midtown laser dentist Your Midtown laser dentist is highly skilled and experienced in the safest and most advanced applications of laser dentistry. An increasingly popular technology, dental lasers are effective for removing decayed matter from a tooth, treating periodontal disease, performing biopsies as well as curing dental fillings. Laser technology may also be used to activate and enhance the effects of a bleaching agent during a teeth whitening procedure.

Dental lasers operate by delivering energy in the form of light, and can be used to treat either the hard or soft tissues of the mouth. Since laser energy operates by exciting the water molecules in the tooth, rather than making direct contact with actual tooth structure, the uncomfortable pressure associated with the other conventional approaches to care is eliminated. Furthermore, dental lasers operate without heat, noise or vibration, thereby reducing unpleasant stimuli and providing peace of mind for patients who experience dental anxiety or dental phobia. Due to their incredible accuracy, lasers can help preserve more healthy gum and tooth structure during a procedure. At Smile NY, your Midtown laser dentist utilizes state-of-the-art technology to provide you with the highest quality care. With advanced laser technology, we make dental care a positive, stress-free experience. To learn more about laser dentistry or the many other services offer at our office, call today.