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You’ll know, and your dentist certainly will, when you have tooth decay.  It is a real problem that can lead to serious complications if not attended to.  That’s why, with early detection, at the office of Smile NY our knowledgeable staff can offer you ways to prevent or stop tooth decay. We use state-of-the-art technology […]

Think of it as the key to keeping everything flowing in your mouth and digestive system. Saliva may be something we have always taken for granted, but a decrease in its production can have significant consequences. At the office of Smile NY, our holistic approach takes into consideration every aspect of your health. Our attentive, […]

When you’re faced with a dental emergency, it’s important to act fast. As experienced providers of care, we are well-equipped to provide the prompt, compassionate treatment you require. At the office of Smile NY, we prioritize dental emergencies and provide skilled and reliable care to get you back on the road to excellent oral health. […]

Did you know that according to statistics, more than 90% of adults ages 20-64 have had a cavity in their lifetime? And, tooth decay doesn’t just affect grownups. Cavities also affect the youngest members of the population; 78% of children have had a cavity by the time they’re 17 years of age. While these percentages […]

Once you lose your baby teeth and your adult teeth come in, you might figure that’s that – they’re in for life. Not so! Studies show that by age 50, a large majority of adults will have lost one or more teeth due to disease or injury. With today’s dental technologies, there’s no need for […]

If you struggle with fear or anxiety when it comes time to visit the dentist, you’re not alone. Millions of people across the United States suffer with dental phobias. But with the use of safe and controlled sedation techniques, there’s no reason to put off the dental care that is so important to your oral […]